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New Staff Reference
At Camp Cherith in the Carolinas, we require a staff that is growing in spiritual and emotional maturity, is responsible, loving, creative, unselfish, and healthy. Our program is taxing and demanding. Would you help us in discovering whether or not this applicant would fit into our program? We are asking for your honest and accurate evaluation as to his/her qualifications for this position. Your prompt reply will be greatly appreciated.

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1.  Your Information
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2.  Applicant Information
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3.  Character Observations
* Christian Maturity
* Cooperation/good team member
* Ability to motivate/teach others
* Dependability
* Emotional maturity
* Quality of work
* Organizational ability
* Self discipline
* Responsibility
* Supportive attitude
* Personal appearance
* Ability to be flexible
* Soundness of judgment
* Enthusiasm
* Leadership ability
* Consistent Christian lifestyle
* Knowledge of God's Word
4.  Ability to Work with Different Age Groups-Comment on the applicant's ability to work with the following age groups.  Then, indicate which age group you feel they work the best with.
* Grades 2-4
* Grades 5-6
* Grades 7-9
* Grades 10-12
* I feel that the applicant would work the best with the following age group:
5.  Further Questions
* 1.  If you had a child at camp, would you wish this individual to work with them?
* 2.  Does the applicant have any tendencies that you feel might reduce their effectiveness in our camping program?  Explain.
* 3.  Does the applicant appear to be growing in their Christian walk?  Upon what did you base your answer?
* 4.  How is this applicant involved in the ministry of his/her church?
5.  Any additional comments that would prove helpful?
Thank you for taking the time to fill this out.  In order to comply with certain guidelines that our program must follow, the Camp Director will call you to verify this reference.