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New Staff
Welcome! Thanks for visiting our Staff page. We would love to speak with you about joining our staff this summer. Please contact Kara Palm at for more information. New staff member that's already registered? Don't forget to send this form to your references to be filled out.
Returning Staff
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Mandatory Staff Trainings
Please mark your calendars for these important Staff Training sessions. If you miss a training session, you are responsible for knowing ALL information covered.

Pre-Camp Training - See note below
In-Camp Training—July 29, 10:00 AM, Clemson, SC

If you are unable to attend, contact the camp director to make alternate arrangements.
Pre-Camp Training Note: As a result of survey responses on training, we are trying something different this year. Pre-camp training will be held on July 29 starting at 10:00 AM in Clemson. We will not meet in June as we usually do. Counselors and activity leaders will still receive their initial assignments a few weeks prior to camp as usual.