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Staff Registration
Thank you for your interest in joining the 2017 Camp Cherith in the Carolinas staff. We look forward to working with you. After you complete this application, you will be directed to the next step in the process. Already registered? Pay Fees Here.

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Due to a recent ACA standard change, we are required to run a background check on all staff members.

1.  General Information

* Were you on staff at camp last year? 

* First Name:

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Camp Name (Returning Staff-use bird name):

* T-Shirt Size. Available sizes: Adult - Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, 2XL, 3XL. Additional sizes available on request.:

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Because ACA requires us to do a Driver’s License Check on anyone who drives a van for us during camp, we need your permission and information so we can do so.  Do we have your permission to do so?
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2.  Education Information

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3.  Current Employment



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4.  Position Desired-Select All That Apply. Positions include: Counselor, Activity Leader, Waterfront Staff, Administrative Staff, Other

* Role:

Age Group Preference (Counselors Only) (Voyagers: 2 grade, Pathfinders: 3-4 grades, Trailblazers: 5-7 grades, Challengers: grades 7-9, Explorers: grades 9-12):

* Please list three activities you feel qualified to lead for a week:
* Please list three activities you feel qualified to assist for a week:
If you are willing to lead any activities during either free time or cabin time, please list them here:
Please list any current certifications you have (American Red Cross, NRA, etc):
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5. Leadership Experience-New Staff Only.  No Pioneer Club/Camp Cherith Experience Required

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Pioneer Club Committee:

Year Graduated CILT

CILT Grad Camp:

Camp Staff:

Which Camp?

Knowledge of Pioneer Clubs/Camp Cherith (if no actual experience in club or camp):

Other Leadership Experience (i.e. Church, community):

Church you attend:



Does this church have a Pioneer Club program?

6. General Questions

* Do you have any physical or mental limitations that would hinder your participation in camp activities?

If yes, explain:

* Do you have any contagious or communicable diseases that may endanger others?

If yes, explain:

* Have you ever been convicted of a crime?



Nature of Offense:

* Are there any felony charges pending against you?

If yes, explain:

By applying, we assume we have your permission to complete a criminal background check.  Any information you think we might need to make this easier for both of us?

7.  New Staff Questions-New Staff Only:

1.  Describe your interest in being a Camp Cherith staff member and the strengths and contributions you would bring to the camp ministry.
2.  Describe your conversion and Christian experience.
3.  How would you help a camper understand what it means to become a Christian?
4.  In what ways does the Cherith camping experience contribute to a camper's personal and spiritual development?
8.  Return Staff Questions-Return Staff Only:
Has anything happened since you were last at camp, which has affected your life that you would like to tell us about?
9.  Final Question 
Will you have any children attending camp this year?  If so, please list:
Authorization and Release
I certify that the information listed is complete and accurate. I authorize the Board of Directors of Camp Cherith in the Carolinas to use this information as needed to verify my eligibility to server as a volunteer during the 2017 session of Camp Cherith in the Carolinas. I understand that, unless otherwise stated by the Camp Director and approved by the Board of Directors in writing prior to my arrival at camp, I am a volunteer. I will follow the instructions of the Camp Director, and understand that the Director may, with the approval of theBoard of Directors, dismiss me prior to the end of camp.

I have read, understand, and agree to the above statement.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, contact us here